Day Jiménez


Day is a designer who creates simple and delightful experiences to improve everyday life. His work has ranged in scale, from architecture and environments to digital interaction and brand identity. Day has built and led teams through the creative, development, and marketing processes to reach hundreds of millions of people.


Day is the VP of Design at Parsley Health. His mission is to encourage a relatable and aspirational end-to-end experience, from clinical environments to digital products and beyond. He also collaborates across the team to design the company and its culture.


Independent Product Design
Interface, services, prototype.
Lead Product Designer
Product, design management and systems.
Co-Founder, Design Director Identity, space, furniture, products.
User Experience
For jetBlue, Citi, Soho China, and more.
Master of Architecture II Fabrication, urbanism, design systems.
Bachelor of Architecture
Space, perception, experience.


Capturing on Instagram, curating on Tumblr, showing on Dribbble, hacking on GitHub, networking on LinkedIn, chatting on Twitter.

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